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For medical information, contact the worldwide health assistance organization of the Bostoner chassidim. In Israel, the big medical advisory organizations are: Rabbi Elimelech Firer - 03-677-0730, fax 03-676-1489 Rabbi Binyamin Fisher - 02-643-9140, 643-3474 Ezer Mitzion - 02-500-2111, fax 02-537-4881 Wherever you are located, it always helps to have others praying on your behalf.

To facilitate this, send the person's Hebrew (and their mother's name) to [email protected], with a brief description of his condition. Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yisrael Zev Mintzberg, the leader of chassidic Jews in Jerusalem's Old City during the Israeli War of Independence.

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If, however, we start taking some action, then there is a greater likelihood that one action will lead to another and we will continue doing more. We can also read the verse to mean that it is the "I" that stands between God and you.

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There is just something special about the 14th of February, isn’t there?

It is of the vain person that God says, "I cannot coexist in his presence" ( 5a). If we allow awareness of our potential to go to our heads, however, we begin to consider others inferior to ourselves.

Our hollow feelings of superiority not only disrupt our sense of belonging with others, but also cause the vanity and arrogance which repel the Divine Presence.

Self-centeredness renders us unable to empathize with others - to share in their distress or participate in their success.

When we are completely preoccupied with ourselves, we lack the time and capacity to be attentive to others, and barriers to communication inevitably develop.

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