Windows xp event log not updating

The parameters in the original URL will be replaced by a standard list of parameters whose contents are detailed in the confirmation dialog box.

This list is provided in the next subsection under "Specific Information Sent or Received." You may want to prevent users from sending this information over the Internet through this link and accessing a Web site.

Hi, all the computers in the site run windows XP with DC being 2003 server and belong to the same domain and all of them dont have a single entry in the event viewer security log.These Group Policy settings affect only the flow of information to and from an intranet or the Internet through Event Viewer, not the other functions of Event Viewer.The following procedure tells how to use Group Policy to prevent users from sending information across the Internet and accessing Internet sites through Event Viewer.Alternatively, you may want to redirect the requests that result from users clicking links in Event Viewer so that the requests go to a Web server in your organization.In Windows XP with SP2, you can do either of these things through Group Policy.

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