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CPU limitations are the obvious culprit here (with So C bandwidth contention perhaps explaining why the undocked Switch mode runs more smoothly) but what's clear is that further testing will be required to figure out whether GPU stress points show any further differentiation between the two consoles - Kakariko Village will be our first port of call, along with a more stringent tests of alpha effects.However, in the here and now at least, based on these first tests, there is indeed a general parity in the experience between the docked Switch and the Wii U experiences - and it is a shame that in both cases, Zelda cannot run at a locked 30fps.UPDATE 8/3/17 am: As promised, we've spent a couple more days getting to grips with the performance profile of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on both Switch and Wii U, and while it's still difficult to justify investing so much money in a new console just for one title, what's clear is that aspects of the game that truly stress the GPU can see significant performance advantages for the Switch title - whether you're docked or using the console as a portable.We identified several points in the game where the graphics hardware is likely to be put under stress - big explosions while Link indulges in combat, along with the area of the title we had the most requests for testing: Kakariko Village.In conclusion, it's not so much the technical differences between each version of Zelda that should inform a potential Switch upgrade - it's more about whether you buy into the whole concept of the machine, and whether you're excited by the titles available. I couldn't update to the latest firmware so I browsed the forum and discovered that there are service provider issues.Each version drops frames in similar circumstances but in different places.

The "September 7, 2010" section is the "hotfix" part I mentioned earlier.

I guarantee you it will work after the "update" has gone through. Because this is actually the 25th anniversary edition console spe, which came with New Super Mario Bros.

But the disk didn't have any update on it, console is running 4.3e and does not allow me to access the shop without an update and the update never happens.

This was done to prevent users from installing old versions of these IOSs, in order to exploit the fact that the function ES_Add Title Finish didn't check for signatures. Updates Wii Shop Channel again (people with older firmware are unable to access it without updating theirs).

Deletes the Homebrew Channel and DVDX, title IDs HAXX, DVDX, JODI, DISC, and DISK. However, HBC 1.0.7 or later contains the HW_AHBPROT flags, which was DVDX formerly. IOS254 was stubbed causing Boot Mii to be deleted if it was installed. The System Menu will display "Error:004" if it finds Bannerbomb.

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