Who is yuri tag dating

Yuri was raised by his paternal grandfather, Nikolai Plisetsky, in Moscow, Russia.Yuri's mother was a former Russian idol who retired from show business early on.His signature as a junior were his combination spins.He is able to hold spirals and spins in a half-Biellmann position, which is a rarity in men's singles due to the flexibility that it requires.First, Sono Hanabira, then FLOWERS and now we get even more!

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Yuri has incredible talent and is described by many to be a rising star in the figure skating world.

He despises being underestimated and projects a strong air of confidenceーstrong enough to come across as arrogance, instead.

He is prone to seeing other athletes as his rivals, and therefore his enemies.

There are actually so many things to talk about right now that I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s just begin with what I believe is most important.

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