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We did some limited testing of the Titan XP last year in a Falcon Northwest Tiki, and there are two liquid-cooled Titans sitting in the LPC, but I can't really pull those out (due to the hard tubing for the liquid cooling). But there's no reason to expect Titan XP will be more than a few percent slower—it's basically the more expensive fraternal twin to the 1080 Ti, and just happened to be born first.Tested with medium preset at 1080p, and ultra preset at 1080p/1440p/4K.The memory is also GDDR5X, dialed all the way up to 11Gbps (vs.10Gbps on the Titan XP), and while there's technically 1GB less VRAM and a slightly narrower 352-bit bus (vs.With both the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan XP using the same GP102 GPU with 3,584 CUDA cores enabled, clock speeds play an important role.And even more importantly, Nvidia's 'typical boost clock' figures are very conservative.Ultra is too much for most GPUs right now, obviously.

CUDA core counts are the same, and with higher clockspeeds that means the 1080 Ti has more raw computational performance.

The original GTX Titan featured full performance FP64 support, something Nvidia usually doesn't provide unless you buy a Quadro or Tesla card.

The Titan cards have previously come with more VRAM—twice as much as the 780 Ti and 980 Ti.

First come the high-end x80 and x70 cards, at very high prices.

Dating back to the 700 series, Nvidia has followed a pattern for GPU launches.

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