Who is the lead singer of hedley dating

The attention those allegations have drawn prompted Hedley's management to drop the group, which has also been blacklisted by several radio stations, including CBC.

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As soon as she stepped into his room, she says, he pushed her against a wall and started kissing her.alleged initial forced kissing, Hoggard appeared to settle down over the next hour, and they made small talk, she says.Especially when (Hoggard says in his apology), 'Oh, I've objectified women' ... Until something comes out that says he did it or he's guilty of it, I'm going to support him." Another fan named Audrey weighed the possibility of skipping the concert after she bought tickets long before the allegations surfaced.She decided since she'd already paid for seats, she might as well stick with plans to attend the show with her mother as a chaperone.She says she was too shy to meet with him that day.Hoggard, second from left, shares a laugh with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the WE Day concert in Ottawa in November 2016.

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