Who is porsha dating now

, but we don't think the show is ready to bring on a corrupt dictator!And hopefully Porsha Williams (formerly Porsha Stewart) keeps that dictator at a distance because we hear he could be edging his way into the scene as she is dating the man's son!

"If I had an African prince, I wouldn't be waking up at 6 AM and working as hard as I do!We just hope she knows where that money is coming from…but considering she didn't know what the underground railroad was, we won't hold our breath.UPDATE: We've heard from Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue's rep that he is NOT dating Porsha.The couple's relationship only lasted a few months and Porsha made a post on Twitter that alluded to Duke cheating on her.On the show, her friends and family have a little bit of reservations about their relationship because Duke was so much younger.

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