Who is michael baisden dating

And wait until you hear what women had to say about grey pubic hairs... Every New Year brings about change, sometimes that change is your relationship, marriage, job, or even your health.Michael opens up the phone lines to ask his callers if the New Year meant letting some old things go! And are people with children sometimes jealous of the freedom their childless friends have?Tune into The Michael Baisden Show to hear the new feature, I Love Myself! Tune into the Michael Baisden Show to hear what people are taking about.Listen to the wonderful calls from people who say they have been through many struggles but they came out on top. Can someone be too attentive, too close, too needy?And when that happens it's usually under unpleasant circumstances.The question Michael ask is, should you expect to get things back that you gave while you were in love, such as engagement rings, nude photos, and sex tapes. Listen in as Michael asks women to call into the show and brag about sexy their man over 40 is.Why do parents who claim to love their children use them to hurt one another?Listen to this podcast to hear just how far some people have gone to get revenge on their ex, even if it means watching their children suffer.…The holidays are approaching and many couples must travel to see to spend time with one another.

Dating is expensive, especially for the person who is flipping the bill the majority of the time.

Then, Tanisha makes an incredible confession that will encourage ALL parents to do a little snooping. …Michael mixes in a little entertainment with hardcore believers who really do choose their partners based on when they were born, or their zodiac sign. Back with the topic you all know and love: Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number!

Michael believes compatibility should be based on temperament. Michael asks his listeners about their willingness to date younger or older.

The question is, should we engage them or ignore them.

Listen to what Michael and his radio family had to say about this interesting topic.…Michael is back to talk about the way couples put their children in the middle of a messy breakup.

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