Who is dating misha barton are brooke and ryan from coronation street dating

She claimed she found evidence it was Adam who had a sex tape of her. " [, which she allowed JAY-Z, DJ Khaled, and Future to be on with her.Related: Mischa Gets Candid About 'Emotional Abuse' Apparently Spaw (who used to go be Shaw) had left behind "doctored" sex tapes on some flash drives when he moved out. In it, the momma of three raps a couple of lines that have people chatting about whether or not she was shading Tiffany Haddish and Kim Kardashian West! Like Dream Kardashian's mother, Mischa was granted a restraining order against her controversial past lovers.Specifically, alum was filmed (without her knowledge) by one of her ex-boyfriends and then another former flame obtained the illicit material.I just wouldn't do anything that's blatantly gratuitous."C: Before your current Neutrogena campaign, had you ever done any modeling?

I was really expecting him to be the one who would want to push the envelope. M: Yeah, if it were an artsy film or a good film with a good director and good actors.

Cosmo: Growing up in New York City, were you a club kid? I don' like huge crowd's which is why I prefer to hang out in lounges. I met with him after and he was like, "I want you to do my [new] show." He really pushed to make me Marissa. M: It's really weird when people scrutinize every little thing about you and talk about your outfits and your weight and who you're dating…and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Even if I got out, I don't like to push it too much. M: I had done a guest apperance on [executive producer] Mc G's other show, Fastlane. C: What's it like having people pick apart everything you wear and everything you do and following you around all the time?

Harvey Weinstein is one of Hollywood's biggest producers — and, apparently, one of its biggest misogynists too!

As we previously reported, the indie movie mogul hired an army of attorneys and crisis managers in order to combat two scandalous pieces, by expose, by investigative reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, dropped and revealed that Weinstein has allegedly caused "decades of sexual harassment" and has "reached at least eight settlements with women." Ashley Judd even went on the record to accuse Harvey of sexual harassment.

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