Who is bipasha dating now

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Well, that’s a major drawback in any relationship – be it dating or a marriage.It happens with all the Bollywood celebrities and there was no exception for the glamorous Bipasha Basu and her husband, Mr. They were married in a very grand ceremony on 30 With such a glam sham wedding in town, the couple had become a little less focused on with other happening things in the Bollywood town, but they are now back into the media attention – but this time not for very good reasons. Bips and Grover fans – the couple seems to be disturbed in their new life and if circumstances demand, will move ahead to accommodate a divorce and a mutual separation.Sources reveal that the couple is not on good terms and might head towards a divorce soon. They have been one of the most glamorous couple in the B-town, but lately things do not seem to be going well between them.If the partners do not communicate within themselves, a third party begins to get involved and gets their opinion into the relationship.The interference of a third party always complicates things, and trust me, it spoils to an extent where the damage is already been done!

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