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I don't, but I've discovered some girls really do."I'm in a dress and heels, and he calls me 'dude? But does being called "dude" really mean you're just one of the guys? Like..he trying to subliminally let you know you're heading down the "just friends" lane?

Another thinks when a guy calls a girl "dude," she's definitely in the friend zone. I'm not trying to give this much thought, but I'm a girl so overanalyzing is what I do best. Him referring to you as a dude could mean he's really comfortable around you (a total plus, riiight? It could also just be a word that he uses all the time. But if say a guy you're really into or you're "seeing" calls you "dude," wouldn't that stop you in your tracks?

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You have incredible chemistry with him, but you have no idea where you stand.

Contrast that with the man whom YOU’VE got a crush on.

There may be evolutionary reasons that men infantilize female partners or even seek out women who subconsciously remind them of babies.

When couples stop using baby names, it’s often an indication of a lack of intimacy.” Fortunately, “baby” isn’t the only option available to couples wanting to be cutesy.

“Sweetheart” is one non-creepy classic: People have been using it as a term of endearment since the thirteenth century.

116 couples said they used at least one idiom; altogether, the couples reported a total of 370.

Bruess and Pearson discovered a strong positive correlation between marital satisfaction and reported number of idioms, though both variables declined as couples aged.“Pet names are a kind of cue to intimacy,” said Kerner, “They speak to the intimacy in a relationship.

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