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e to see the SIMgirls ending movie (but you can find this online; just Google it).(Also, if you could go to the fight club: click "easy" and then the second option. Even buildings and research subjects have terrible descriptions that can lead to hair-pulling strategic misfires. The end product is a well-learned student body, and you get several years to turn kids’ mush into iron.Ample classrooms and activities are a necessity to do this, as well as teachers.Can't quite find the correct answer with a simple Google search?Then this tumblr page might just be the answer to your prayers!♥ Make sure to leave questions in the ask box if you don't see a walkthrough for the SIM date you're playing and I'll get around to it.Computer games are the easiest for me to reach, br0.

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Enter the world of Other Age, where Genetic Glow and Imaginary Realm characters collide.

You’re in charge of building classrooms, researching new facilities like restrooms, libraries, and nurses’ offices, and creating statistical bonus zones with bonus-laden objects like shrubbery, trees, or even rocks.

Chaos is frowned upon, as the careful planner who puts like buildings together can string together dramatic bonuses to student-side factors like learning and school spirit.

***I will go back and put all of the ending difficulties at another date.

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