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It read on the last day of her life, Loetscher decided. and I was here because I had a story left to tell."Loetscher began seeing a counselor. With her husband by her side, she traveled to Wayne. The sky's white clouds perfectly matched the snow on the ground.

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Today, Loetscher doesn't know whether that is true. Weber has seen Loetscher change in the six months since that trip to Wayne.The video shows Loetscher huddled in the car seat, her face pinched and pale."I just want to record this so I can look back, and I can see how far I came, and I can remind myself that I have nothing to be scared of and that he holds no power over me," she says.Forty-five seconds later, Loetscher and Burdine walked up the sidewalk to the front door.Loetscher is talking to a lawyer about whether that applies to her.She would like to see South Dakota law allow adults to pursue child sexual-abuse lawsuits.

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