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AFAIK, all the Manurhin made pistols,,wether they ended up being Walther marked or French marked were serial numbered in the same series.

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The slide has a number 618 on it and there are various and sundry proofmarks.The serial number is 856XX with an Interarms Alexandria stamp on it as the importer.The previous owner was told that it was one of the more recent German PD trade ins, but I'm not sure that is the case since I thought those came in stamped with Century as the importer and came in recently, Interarms being defunct for quite some years now.Anyone know when this gun was made, I know it was probably made in France and then "finished" in Germany. Ulm Do imported by Interarms with the correct barrel should have the horizontal antler (ULM Proof) with the two digit year preceding it and the stylized Eagle N after. Definitely has the "new" Eagle on frame, slide and barrel.Also has a proofmark that looks like some sort of lionman or clawed man in a shield with five stars over it on the left side of the frame below the mag release. Along with the post war proof,,there should be a Proof House mark on it too. The two digit date code,,but sometimes a two letter date code used along with the proofhouse stamp.

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