Visual basic 2016 validating format

If your application in MS Access or Excel needs to deal with email addresses, you may need a way to validate them.

These email addresses can be input either by users of these applications or by import from other sources.

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You can download an example workbook with all of the data validation examples you'll find in this article.

You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios.

Note: You must enter the data validation formula for cell A2 first, then copy A2 to A3: A10 so that the second argument to the COUNTIF will match the current cell.

In addition to providing a place to store a date, many tasks can be performed on a Date variable, such as adding or subtracting time, comparing dates and obtaining the System date and time.The best way to validate email addresses is to use Regular Expressions because it matches patterns for valid email address format.To use Regular Expressions in VBA, you first need to add a reference in the VBA code editor.Each of these topics areas will be covered in detail in this chapter.The simplest way to obtain the current setting of a Date variable is simply to reference the Date as you would any other variable, using the variable name.

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