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Seven participants had at some point in their lives been in relationships lasting from one to four years.

Increased knowledge about evolving patterns of relationships among MSM are important to inform prevention efforts and correctly interpret data from quantitative studies.Eight men from the previous RDS study declined to participate when contacted on the phone. Six men lived with their parents, one with his sister, one with his wife, two with their boyfriends, three with friends and one man lived alone (Table ). The men worked as building workers, porters, shop assistants, hair dresser, teacher, medium level managers in private companies, as government employee, computer programmer, two ran their own shops and one was a student.The interviews, which lasted between 40 and 90 minutes, were carried out primarily at the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (i SEE), a Hanoi-based Vietnamese research organization working for LGBT rights.Other MSM, however, see themselves as fully or partly female and seek male sex partners who are masculine [].Identities of MSM in Vietnam are, however, more nuanced and varied than these overarching categories indicate, and Ngo et.

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