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With beautiful women in the Real World, NOT acting proactive will lead to many lonely nights.

To smack you upside the head with this, waiting for women to call you is a hopeless strategy.

This is largely because these men aren't acting funny and entertaining in the context of trying to win a woman over. Many guys will try to fill the quota of a woman's "Ideal Man." What usually happens is this: As a guy is talking over the phone with a woman she'll bring up what she likes – or more often, what she disdains – in a man.

They, instead, are enjoying and amusing themselves. Most guys, then, end up trying to qualify or prove to the woman that they are her ideal man. It conveys to the woman that you view her as a Prize you are trying to win over.

But make sure you have the mindset that you're doing it for your own amusement, not trying to win her approval.

I know many guys who aren't particularly funny, though, women find them hilarious and very attractive.

Their attitude towards me turned from fun loving warmth into contemptuous ennui, imputing me as the source of their boredom.

Scorning me, as if I was a suppository wrapped in gold foil that they mistakenly bit into, credulously thinking I was an Almond Roca.

I am NOT touting you to chase, pursue, and try to win women over, either.

When getting a woman's phone number, the average collective male chooses one of three categories of action.

In most cases, however, he is damned no matter which of the three categories he chooses.

Into: You letting her know that her conversation topic is not winning her any points with you.

(If you DIDN'T get what I just wrote, read it a few more times – it is really important! A direr version of this is when guys probe women with questions about what they look for in a man. Besides making you look insecure about how you measure up to what she's normally ATTRACTED to, you're defining the underlying meaning of the phone conversation as her being the Prize, not you.

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