Validating forum set

Also, I am not sure how "type='hidden'" would be of any use because it overrides the type of the input originally, for example, "type='radio'".So would I have to iterate over each newly non-hidden element to reset the type to its original?Once the field becomes visible, I'd like to validate these fields again, however.I'm not sure how to do this without iterating over each non-hidden field and ensuring the "data-abide-ignore" attribute is not set (which seems to defeat the purpose of this being implemented in the first place).But this can cause some problems, at least, it is causing problems for me now I have two text fields.The only validation rule is that one of them has to have a value. Because if I set allow Blank to true, then extjs will return true, without running my validator function.

read more The Forum has also adopted a set of “Network and Certificate System Security Requirements” applicable to all publicly trusted CAs with the intent that all such CAs and Delegated Third Parties be audited for conformity once they have been incorporated as mandatory requirements (if not already mandatory requirements) in browser root programs or existing audit more The CA/Browser Forum began in 2005 as part of an effort among certification authorities and browser software vendors to provide greater assurance to Internet users about the web sites they visit by leveraging the capabilities of SSL/TLS certificates.In June 2007, the CA/Browser Forum adopted version 1.0 of the Extended Validation (EV) Guidelines.If the field is empty i wanted to mark the field invalid ( show red border around the invalid field) and provide qtip. With the following highlighted code I expected the cell will be marked invalid. You can have in grid 'enable Validation' property which is false by default, add validate method where it will set it to true and View().refresh(). var sub Channel Grid = this.down('#pm Basic Details Sub Channel Grid'); for (var i = 0; i Looks like you are developing huge, enterprise application.

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