Updating traditional dining room

It never fails that after all of the Christmas stuff has been stashed away and almost every bit of the glitter that I can see has been vacuumed up, I struggle with putting my house back together. It took three different spray paints plus Rub n Buff before I was able to achieve the antique gold color that I was after.The same decor that I may have loved before now looks boring and dated. The Krylon paint on the far left was a pretty color, but the gold was too soft – more of a champagne color.Cover traditional furniture with modern upholstery. Tie the styles together with similar forms, textures or colors.Bring a contemporary look into a traditional room with a few modern accessories.A neutral color scheme is an easy way to create balance and harmony, which you will need when creating a transitional style room.Look for contemporary furniture that will tie in with your traditional pieces.

Don’t worry – the painting will be gifted to my daughter who treasures my aunt’s paintings just as much as I do.You can see that I removed the sage green chandelier shades and replaced the bulbs. I like that the bulbs kind of look like bubbles when they aren’t turned on.I paired some red urns that I already had with an antique cache pot.Here are 10 quick and easy home décor updates that will enliven your home for the warm months ahead. The key is selecting an accent wall color that complements your décor without drawing too much attention. Not sure how to find out the lampshade size you need? No matter your décor style, an antique is the perfect finishing touch in a room by blending harmoniously with traditional décor, or standing out among contemporary styling. Small photographs and artworks can have a major design impact when hung together as a group. Nothing revives a tired piece of furniture and gives it a new life like lacquer! If you live in a new home, chances are that many of your ceiling fixtures are inexpensive builder's basics. When done right, an accent wall can help the rest of a room's décor really sing.

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