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It was a boat trip up the Chagres River which connects to the Canal.Much of the river has been formed by the dams that were built to help fill the canal.We left early in the morning on a Saturday (ugh) to improve the chance of getting good weather.After about an hour’s drive, we arrived a t a small village next to the river, where we loaded up ship and were on our way in about 10 minutes (got to love that about Panama, no papers to sign, liability releases etc.) Our group filled up 2 boats, which were piloted by locals.There were all sort of ites, both the stalagm and stalagt variety.We saw a huge toad inside, which didn’t move at all (defense I suppose), climbed about up rocks and even turned off the lights for a second to see pitch black.Sailing along the west coast of South America gives you a unique opportunity to explore fascinating archaeological sites and the mysteries of lost cultures.See the Nazca Lines, the ancient Chimu kingdom, pyramids and shrines, national parks and exotic wildlife, before sailing through the Panama Canal and ending the expedition in beautiful Costa Rica.

We stopped at a differnet cave to go inside (only one bat, which I didn’t see).

And all for only ten * Panama uses the US dollar as their currency.

Their coins are the exact same size and weight with Panamanian pictures, but still minted (in part) by the US mint.

After a quick stop at a village of native folk (that seemed way too much like a creation of Walt Disney) where we could have paid each to see their song and dance (the historian in me doubted the authenticity, the Scotch-Irish in me questioned the price), we were on our way to the ultimate attraction; a waterfall on a tributary to the Chagres.

There we picnicked, swam, climbed up and around the waterfall, jumped off rocks, swam in the pool at the top of the waterfall (and peered over its edge).

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