Updating sas datafiles

However, you can use the Autostart feature to skip having to configure it as a service, and thus minimize the changes to your SAS programs.

Alternatively, you can try DBMS=XLSX to remove the data providers from the equation.

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Cross Environment Data Access will be used, which might require additional CPU resources and might reduce performance.

18 run; The Cause: For all intents and purposes, the move from 32-bit SAS for Windows to 64-bit SAS for Windows is like a platform change, and SAS catalogs are not portable across platforms.

Even though you've just moved from one version of Windows to another, from a SAS perspective these files different, with different internal structures.

A Caution: I've heard of a few customers who decide to workaround this limitation by installing the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office (and thus using the 64-bit data providers).

That works, but it might introduce other incompatibilities with how you use your Microsoft Office applications.

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