Updating live messenger

If you are really against using Skype, there are a lot of other multi-platform instant messaging apps to choose from, but the ones that support Messenger will not be able to offer that once Microsoft shuts Messenger down.

meanwhile, what do you think about the new Windows Live Messenger 2010?The chat window still features the same design as in version 2009, with large sized avatars and color-coded frames to indicate your current status. There are new ones (like the guy with glasses and mustache, or the faces to express disapproval), though none of them represent a real change.On the other side, Live Messenger has improved its integration with Windows 7 a lot and makes the most of the operating system’s features.One major reason that Skype is taking over messaging duties from Windows Live Messenger is that there is already a huge user base on mobile devices along with the OS-specific program on Windows and Mac.It’s best to start using Skype now as your primary messenger app if you’ve been using Windows Live Messenger.

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