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This document provides instructions on how to update the Jetdirect Print Server firmware for a single Enterprise printer when the printer is in a ready state using either the Jetdirect EWS or FTP.

For instructions on how to update the firmware for multiple Jetdirect Print Servers at one time, go to Update Firmware for multiple HP Jetdirect Print Servers using HP Download Manager or Web Jetadmin (c03754288) (in English).

To update the firmware, download the Jetdirect firmware file images to a computer using the links provided in this document, and then use only one of these methods, Jetdirect EWS or FTP.

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There are several supported methods to perform a firmware update on a Jetdirect Print Server depending on whether you are updating a single print server or multiple print servers at one time.

In 1992, a card with both 8P8C modular telephone and BNC connectors for Ethernet was released, and in 1993, the first external Jetdirects were introduced with a parallel interface.

This enabled Jetdirect cards to connect to almost any printer, making that printer network-capable.

Internals began the 6xx series with the release of the 600n, multi-protocol card that supported TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DLC/LLC, and Apple Talk over a token-ring network; along with the 1760x series external print server - also multi-protocol.

An Ethernet version of the 600n was released in 1998. 1998 also saw the release of 170x, the first value-line print server aimed at smaller companies that did not necessarily need full networking - only TCP/IP or IPX/SPX support.

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