Updating exisiting networks in bottleneck comapnies Chat room portal iphone

The cost of and time necessary for a full infrastructure upgrade isn’t feasible for most companies in any industry.

Companies, therefore, must make their existing networks work smarter to manage the data loads associated with video, voice and mobile.

Now, let's be clear, higher bandwidth is never a bad thing, especially for use cases that require bulk transfer of data: video streaming, large downloads, and so on.

However, when it comes to your web browsing experience, it turns out that latency, not bandwidth, is likely the constraining factor today.

Versa delivers industry-leading Secure SD-WAN technology to help companies control the cost, increase the reliability and improve the security of their networks.

All of which equate to lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction.

As a consumer, did you consider this when you picked your ISP?

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SD-WAN combines the security of a traditional networking configuration with the speed and convenience of the internet to keep data traffic flowing without any bottlenecks or slowdown.

SD-WAN technology can help companies utilize their current networks to their fullest potential while paving the path for a smarter, more efficient network down the road.

SD-WAN works with the existing network to provide application-level intelligent routing and network management, so companies can manage today’s complex and bandwidth-intensive services intelligently and more efficiently without having to replace their networking hardware.

Meanwhile, the customer doesn’t know when—or even if—a claim will be paid.

With mobile apps and other new technologies, however, the insurance claim process is much simpler and much faster: Police reports are automatically routed to the insurance company; customers can snap photos of the damage and send them to the insurance company using a mobile app; and adjusters can use cloud-based services from any location to create and append claim reports.

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