Updating but not inserting on the database php vero beach dating

Whereas in the last example you are using a placeholder (? Why putting together examples from google if you have a working example of your own right before your eyes?

First thing you'll need to learn is to know how to post submission data to your thank you page.

For example right now my Profiles table has I row in it with the user name of John but my bx_users table has rows consisting of John, James, susy, Alice, etc..

Logic is the user would enter in user id and then a new location hit submit and the location would be updated.

You can run UPDATE statements in My SQL command-line, in a GUI tool or with mysqli_query() in a PHP script.

Once you have submitted the form, it should be redirected to your custom thank-you URL that will receive the post data.

Here's an example of the data from a sample form: https:// To prevent possible SQL injection vulnerabilities to your database, we'll need to run PHP's addslash() function for every post variable.

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