Updating a view in plsql save jailbroken apps when updating

If the database administrator changes the maximum length of the last_name column to 200, for instance, this procedure’s status will be changed to INVALID.

When the procedure is recompiled, the compiler will update the definition of the record in this procedure to match the table’s new structure.

The PL/SQL engine will pass the parameter by reference rather than by value.I can even shorten things further and write CREATE PROCEDURE process_employee ( employee_id_in IN omag_employees.employee_id%TYPE) IS l_employee omag_employees%ROWTYPE; BEGIN SELECT * INTO l_employee FROM omag_employees WHERE employee_id = employee_id_in; END; The SELECT * syntax tells Oracle Database to fetch all the columns in the table.I can also use %ROWTYPE to declare a record that has the same structure as a SELECT statement in a cursor.To learn whether and in what ways the columns of an inherently updatable view can be modified, query the USER_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS data dictionary view.The information displayed by this view is meaningful only for inherently updatable views.

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