Updating winzip

Win Zip identified 111 of the 277 outdated drivers we installed on a test computer.While this 40-percent success rate is disappointing, it was also the second best in our tests, which is even more disappointing.Though Win Zip Driver Updater lacks an OEM guarantee and an uninstall option, which are fairly significant features, the software did detect the second-largest number of drivers of any updater on our lineup.We like that it is so easy to use, but we were disappointed by its pop-up ads, limited customer support options and lack of modern operating system compatibility.These forms ask for information that will enable us to locate your current license such as: Please fill out the appropriate form and click the button to submit the form.Someone from our Service department will then search for your registration record and send a reply, usually within one day.This driver update software even lets you schedule scans and back up your drivers.

This feature is ideal for novice computer users and those who just don't want to deal with the hassle.If you want Win Zip to check for an update now, choose one of the first two options in the Yes, Check Now section.In either case, Win Zip will check for an update when you click OK; your choice affects the future operation of Win Zip's Check for Update feature. It is having problems updating to Windows 10, version 1709.It stops and tells me to uninstall "WINZIP 6.3-8.0" before it continues. Can not find it any were, task manager: Processes, or Services, on the hard drive, on . I have even went into c:\windows\Software Distribution folder and cleaned it out, after I stop wuauserv, and bits.

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