Unattached dating

I'll be the first to admit it: I have a pretty hefty appetite.

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If you feel like moving to take that new job across the country, being in a relationship will not be in the way to complicate that.Trying new things and seizing all opportunities that come your way is a completely possible because there is no need to compromise.And if you're just starting out, making your way up the career ladder is extremely important, and a lot simpler to do alone.If you're looking to experiment, and try out some some one-night stands for your sexier needs, go for it. Hookups can be fun, easy, and short which means you still retain your independence at the end of the day.First, make sure a one-night stand is something you're comfortable with and then go ahead and sleep with that hottie eyeing you from across the bar if you want to; just remember to be safe about it.

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