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Oh and apologizing after, saying, “I lost my temper…” doesn’t make up for it. You find ways to fit him in—to think about him and do things for him. shutterstock So he sent a woman a blatantly flirtatious text, but he never actually met up with her.

Answers should be pre-meditated for the ones we love. So, he danced with another woman all night, saying things like, “If only I were single…” but he never kissed her. Don’t let him get away with emotional infidelity (which is exactly what that is) just because you don’t want to be alone.

Shutterstock Women are understanding and accommodating by nature.

We evolved to be that way, as caretakers of the children. And yet somehow, you remember your partner is a priority and if anything, you text from the toilet to say, “Hey super busy day!

In other words our behavior should be to either display love and respect for God and His laws, or to display love and respect for others.

Behavior can vary greatly depending on the event one is attending, like a football game or church.

When I lived in a beach town in Florida, most restaurants had a sign out front that said, “Shoes required,” or “No bare feet.” Acceptable behavior in many of those restaurants was beach attire, but you couldn’t come in barefooted.

But sometimes, we get confused about our roles, and we let our men behave like children, therein cheating ourselves of someone who really fulfills the word “partner.” Here are 14 behaviors women let men get away with far too much! I’ll give you a proper response later.” Guess what: your man visited the toilet within those 24 hours, too.

Shutterstock He takes 24 hours to answer your text, explaining he was working all day, or running around with friends and didn’t get a second alone (if he explains at all). You’re forced to constantly cancel plans with friends, or even worse just leave your schedule clear, so that you’re prepared for that, “Hey, want to go out in an hour? So basically, he gets to lead a totally full social life, doing whatever he wants with whoever he wants whenever he wants, because he never has to worry about scheduling around you or considering your plans.

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