Travis stork dating carrie underwood

While they had their cuddle time at the table, the pair also worked the room.“There were a lot of industry people around at other tables,” the source says.

Hilton designed the all-white restaurant uniforms and the female servers’ more playful getups: shorts with tank tops and black dresses with the Apple logo on the sleeve.

They even toasted with their wine.” Carrie, 25, and Travis, 36, broke away from each other to join in on a celebration at a nearby table, though.

“There was another customer who was celebrating her birthday,” says the insider, “and Carrie joined in and sang ‘Happy Birthday!

Charlotte Brown in 2012, but the marriage only lasted until 2015, according to People.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple called it quits shortly after the airing of the season finale of the show. Whos Dated Who reports that, in 2008, Carrie Underwood actually dated Travis Stork.

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