The dating styles include

For example, an article on the early history of Islam may give dates in both Islamic and Julian calendars.

Where a calendar other than the Julian or Gregorian is used, the article must make this clear.

"title" means that the coordinates will be displayed next to the article's title at the top of the page and before any other text or images.The dating method used should follow that used by reliable secondary sources (or if reliable sources disagree, that used most commonly, with an explanatory footnote).At some places and times, the new year began on a date other than 1; if there is reason to use another start-of-year date, this should be noted.Where this manual provides options, consistency should be maintained within an article unless there is a good reason to do otherwise.The Arbitration Committee has ruled that editors should not change an article from one guideline-defined style to another without a substantial reason unrelated to mere choice of style, and that revert-warring over optional styles is unacceptable.

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