The basics of dating for guys by a girl

Screening helps save you time and resources on women that you won’t be getting anything from.Some guys just hope that by being nice, careful, and not taking risks women will drool all over them.Now this applies if you actually handled the date right and everything went well.

Now some girls like to play these push-pull games to make you chase.If she’s smiling and appears to be having a good time then she’s interested. and doesn’t pull anyway or remove your hand she’s interested. Here’s the thing though, now if you have your hand on a woman for TOO LONG she will pull it off, but I’m referring to 3 second firm touches.If she starts freaking out about that, she’s not attracted.However it is true, women will buy small things for you when they REALLY like you.This applies to short AND long term when it comes to women.

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