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Meanwhile, a fourth town rose nearby when the F&S laid rails on a "wye" that led northeast from Sedro about four and a half miles to coal mines.

Bennett bought the mines, along with Montana mining financier Charles X.

The elephant stomped his way through the little logging town and right into local history, demolishing fences, knocking over laundry lines and trees, telephone poles, and a Model T along the way.

After logging and coal-mining declined, the major employers and industries became the nearby Northern State Hospital (a mental-health facility) and Skagit Steel & Iron Works, which rose from the back room of a local hardware store to become a major supplier of implements and parts for logging and railroad customers and which manufactured machines and parts for the war effort in World War II and artillery shells, starting in 1953.

The Fairhaven and Southern Railroad arrived in Sedro on Christmas Eve 1899, in time for Bennett to receive a performance bonus from the towns at both ends, and a month after Washington became the 42nd state in the Union.Sedro, on the northern banks of the Skagit River, proved susceptible to floods.In 1899, Northern Pacific Railway developer Nelson Bennett began laying track from the town of Fairhaven, 25 miles (40 km) northwest on Bellingham Bay, and real estate developer Norman R.Founded in 1914, the Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce promoted social gatherings as well as a healthy business climate for its members. The Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce works hard to fulfill its Mission: “Partnering with the community to promote business,” and our Vision: “Establish partnerships and communication with the City, Businesses, and the Community.” Membership includes retailers, wholesalers, service industries, manufacturers, industrial parks, banks, churches, nonprofit organizations and individuals.Luncheon meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month and are generally held at the Sedro-Woolley Community Center from AM to PM.

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