Sweet date 2 6 more than a wordpress dating theme rihanna dating a baseball player

It’s already hard enough to start a new business, people don’t want to feel unable to control their own website.They want something that works out of the box and can be easily modified by themselves or someone on their team.This is NOT to be confused with the existing mobile dating browser that currently comes with the dating software.The mobile dating app is now on sale for only dollars. Once released the price will go up to 9 so be sure to pre-order your app now.Jean Galea is a Word Press developer, podcaster and entrepreneur.He is the founder of WP Mayor and WP RSS Aggregator. Check out his podcast focused on doing business with Word Press over at In a recent conversation the topic of dating solutions for Word Press cropped up.

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It is a Word Press plugin thet provides a forum, activity (similar to Facebook wall), member directory, private mail, notification bar, chat windows, profile page, social widgets, activity alerts, RSS activity feeds, Groups, Events, Gallery, Facebook Connect and Mobile support! Certain features are optional to members to protect their privacy.In fact, I found only two: The Dating Solutions plugin is the only one that is geared specifically towards creating a dating site on Word Press. v=gdsz1Qs Gthc Dating Solutions is well regarded by its customers, who speak well of the plugin on various forums.Dating seem to take support very seriously and respond in a timely manner to all questions.We added all the things you need to create a perfect community system.Although at first we designed it to be used as a dating theme for Word Press, Sweetdate can be customized to match any business domain.

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    Figure out what your part in the relationship was for better or worse, and own it.