Stamford ct dating

Most people in this state will spend an average of 25 minute each way every day during their commute on the roads.However, commuters choose to take advantage of the Metro-North New Haven line, which runs from New Haven to New York, making it easy to get to a job daily, even though it might be in another city.

This number can be a bit misleading though, as several very wealthy areas tend to inflate Connecticut’s overall averages, with places like Stamford scoring a very high 163.Other places are much more affordable, as cities like Hartford score a 114 and Bridgeport scores a 120 on the same aforementioned scale.Another reason the cost of living tends to be so high statewide is due to the expensive housing market, with the median home price across Connecticut at 6,000, more than 0,000 above the national average.Springs brings with it the perfect amount of rain to send everything into bloom and fall transforms the foliage around this state into some of the most beautiful in the entire country.There’s really not too much to complain about when it comes to the climate in the Nutmeg State, as long as you don’t mind things getting a little chilly and are comfortable driving with some snow on the roads.

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