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With other group members being Side Arms4Reason (1 mil), Deluxe2O ( 678k ), Shadow Beatz Inc (608k), G18Spray And Pray (663k), and Bdouble O100 (1.1 mil).

They had previous members of Ms Heart Attack, Str8Mario and LEGIQN. Speedy Hit 500,000 Subscribers On November 18, 2012.

Our single events London are the largest – meaning more chance to find someone special in London.

Our dating events London are hosted by professional and friendly hosts with years and years of experience.

Singles events London are perfect for friendship and romance.

Find out why more London singles choose us over any other speed dating sites.

In early 2005 Speed Dater ran its first Lock and Key party in London.

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We specialise in speed dating for over 40 – holding busy events almost every week plus monthly mature singles parties.Our singles events London will always be packed as London singles work long hours, singles are always in a rush to be somewhere, none stops to talk - hell no one even makes eye contact on the tube!A lot of London singles are also not from London originally, so want to find friends and expand their social circles.The Crew consists of 8 friends, all youtubers who met on the internet and regularly play CS: GO, GTA, Call Of Duty and Minecraft together.The main figure heads of the group are speedyw03 (6.6 mil subs), jahovaswitniss (1.7 mil), Nobody Epic (1.4 mil) and The Deluxe4 (1.4 mil).

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