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Efron and Grabeel made sure to pay Corbin Bleu a visit while he performed in a musical in New York City called “Holiday Inn, The New Irving Berlin Musical.”Do you know what this even means?OK, I’ll tell you what it means…It means Troy, Ryan and Chad had a mini “High School Musical” reunion RIGHT under our noses and didn’t think we would find out.In High School Musical, Ryan is the secondary antagonist, while in High School Musical 2, he acts as a triantagonist.In High School Musical 3, he functions somewhere between, as a reluctant antagonist.That is, assuming they lived through it, since they were making their bid when conditions on the Colorado—especially at one notorious choke point deep inside the canyon—were almost as wild as they’d been in 1869, the year John Wesley Powell led a team that completed the first harrowing canyon passage on the then undammed Colorado.That spring and summer, the river was especially furious, unpredictable, and deadly.

The economic expansion has continued but is no longer accelerating.

The finish line was at mile 277: the Grand Wash Cliffs, near the entrance to Lake Mead.

To get from A to Z, they figured, would require roughly two nights and days of furious rowing.

These men are legends in the tight-knit fraternity of canyon boatmen, largely because of an adventure they embarked on in late June of 1983, when they defied common sense and the National Park Service and set off, at night, to attempt a record-breaking speed run down the Colorado River in a 17-foot wooden dory called the Emerald Mile.

Their starting point was the usual spot for Grand Canyon launches: Lees Ferry, a put-in 15 miles below the Glen Canyon Dam that’s marked as mile zero on river maps.

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