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and Nex­tel/Sprint as NASCAR’s third Cup Series sponsor dating back to 1971.It was a natural union between entities searching to establish identities in their respective marketplaces. Between 1960 and ’69, other major tracks such as Charlotte Motor Speedway.No matter how far you run it seems life has a way of finding you.Mike Lundquist had tried to forget the woman who ran away from him and left him to deal with their home and all the pieces of Turn Two by Nancy Warren Harlequin NASCAR Library Series Taylor Robinson has just returned from Australia. After a few tragedies she ran away from her marriage and everything else.

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The last thing she expected to find in her new PR job for a rookie in NASCAR was her ex-husband.Atlanta Int’l Raceway, Bristol (Tenn.) Int’l Raceway, North Carolina Motor Speedway, Alabama Int’l Motor Speed­way and Michigan Int’l Speed­way were added to the fold. To read the rest of this article, please login, or if you are not a subscriber, signup here and explore our subscription options starting at just .95 per year.Subscribers have access to all premium content including SPEED SPORT Magazine features and editorial and exclusive programs and features on In the fall of 1970, NASCAR’s premier Grand National division was faced with a dilemma that threatened to shake it to its core.RJR financed the building of corporate suites, upgraded press boxes and infield media centers and added electronic scoreboards.The company’s mission was complete when major TV networks and news outlets began covering stock car racing.

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