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Nobles took a powerful lesson from the activity– “It shows that the team is all intertwined and that we make a giant web of success.If one person lets go, then it all falls apart.”At Mount Holyoke College the captain lead team activities involving lots of crafting.A variety of accommodation is offered, ranging from spacious guest rooms that accommodate up to three people to four, five, and six bedroom cottages on the beach.Boasting beautiful beach views, all guest rooms feature modern amenities, including microwaves, mini-fridges, coffeemakers, and free wireless Internet.

These opportunities away from campus allow team members to truly focus on each other.One person started holding a ball of yarn, it was tossed to another person, with each teammate holding a strand of yarn before throwing the ball on.Ultimately, every teammate was holding a piece of the giant web.Guests can have a hearty breakfast in the sunny dining room, and brunch is available on Sundays.The inn offers an array of activities to enjoy, from paddle boating, billiards, and hiking to pampering in-room massages and body treatments.

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