Silk da shocker and mya dating

Older and wiser, the COO of the recently re-launched No Limit label (now known as No Limit Forever, which is being co-operated by Silkk’s nephew, Romeo Miller) also took a quick moment during his discussion with DX to revisit some No Limit past, including the beef between the label that has sold more than 75 million records and their onetime crosstown rival (and how the friction between those two label’s leaders prevented Silkk from even being able to shake hands with Lil Wayne).

The aspiring director (who is currently constructing a script for Hot Boyz 2) also shared his thoughts on former fellow No Limit soldier Mystikal joining the Cash Money army.

DX: I was personally shocked that Mystikal would ever do business with Birdman, especially after the beef between Cash Money and No Limit back in the day.

Speaking of, how serious was that friction between P and Baby back then?

And do what’s best for your career, do what’s best for your life. I wish [Mystikal] well, because he is a cool guy and I got a lot of respect and love for him.

I know he made the best decision for himself and so I don’t have no problem with it.

He is facing a mandatory life sentence if found guilty.

I had known MYA had family issues, her Mom struggled with breast cancer just as MYA's first album came out, she had issues with her dad while her second album came out, and then while Moodring was being finished she was in the worst relationship ever, one that MYA carrying a gun for protection or to prove to her man that she was tough.

Dont know if it will happen since the USA street date for MYAs record has been bumped again to Sept 18th, but it could be since Prince will be in europe throughtout august.....

She sings alot better than we think, she can def hold her own on a tour, and has done so already.

Because when I spoke to Mannie Fresh last fall he revealed that “the two heads of those labels was the people that was beefin’.

The artists were never beefin’.” Silkk The Shocker: Yeah. I’m on [Master] P’s side and he never explained [how his beef with Birdman started].

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