Sextalk chatroom

" "And now," another segment started, "27 seconds of the breakfast-time foreplay that is 'CBS This Morning' ...

" "And now, seriously, the sexual tension on 'CBS This Morning' is going through the f-ing roof ..." The clips were mildly awkward, at best, and downright cringe-inducing, at worst.

Of course, like us, most people can look these up online to determine their meaning, but “Doin’ It Well” thought we’d help our readers out by providing a cheat sheet for quick reference.

Sometimes abbreviations are ignored, especially if someone doesn’t know what they mean.

Recently a friend of ours suggested that we write about abbreviations used in personal ads.

Not surprisingly, there are a number of different codes used in online ads, some for soliciting sexual activity while others are used simply as descriptors.

Or was it a mere coincidence that they had highlighted the weird sexual vibe on the show in a recurring segment?

HBO representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday morning.

He then abruptly leans toward O'Donnell, pulls her face in with both hands and kisses her on the cheek. The videos began recirculating after news of the allegations against Rose broke Monday, forever shading the way some viewers saw the "Last Week Tonight" segments.

If you’re in a chat room, and someone types “c2c,” you might google “c2c” online and think the person might be talking about rail train service to London, or asking if you “care to chat.” If, however, they are looking for cam to cam action or cock to cock play, you might be caught off guard.

In addition, there is pressure around being in the know with current lingo around sex.

In a 2015 appearance, O'Donnell referred to an "And now" segment and jokingly asked why Oliver wanted to "shine a light" on their "sex talk." "We don't so much shine a light on it as your sex talk shines a light outwards and catches the eye," Oliver joked.

"You're welcome," King chimed in, as Oliver teased Rose for subsequently "covering his face like a bashful French girl." They all laughed and poked fun at Rose for being embarrassed at the mention of sex.

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