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Three Australians arrested in Serbia over their alleged involvement in an international drug smuggling ring first caught the eye of police during a raid on a steel ship last year.Rohan Arnold, a director of steel firm Arnold Co, and two other men were arrested in the Metropol Palace hotel, in the nation's capital Belgrade, on Wednesday evening.

I grab her hand as we leave the bar and continue to bust on how nervous and scared I am. Now, I’m too fresh off my recent oneitis to be dumb enough to fall into that trap again.At I get a text saying, “I’ll be leaving work in a few mins and then I’ll be on my way.” No bother. Geez, maybe Worthless Degrees –these degree things are kinda being over saturated into the market…ya think?I walk into another bar and chat with the cute bartender and have a couple of beers. I let my date get to the bar we’re supposed to meet at and I let her wait there by herself for a few minutes. From the start, despite this being her first online/”app” date, she’s extremely talkative and friendly. Despite the fact that she talks a lot, and talks fast, I find her quite pleasant to be around.- When it comes to street prostitution, most of the arrested woman says that it works because there is nothing to live from or to support their children.They unwillingly admit that they are often someone close to them that persuades them to go out into the street and earn.

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