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She told officers she assumed Bradley was pushing a weapon in her back.The woman told investigators that Bradley forced her into a vacant home and held her against her will from 11 PM to 8 AM the next day.The alleged victim told investigators that on the night of August 3, Bradley raped her in a vacant house in the 1100 block of Gillespie Road.According to statements written in the arrest affidavit, The alleged victim was walking home when she felt someone grab her by her arm and push something into her back.

Bradley’s probation officers confirmed to the detective through Bradley’s GPS ankle monitor that Bradley was in the immediate area of the vacant home at the time of the rape.Our clientele has included fellow lawyers and judges and their families.Regardless of the criminal charge, we understand the importance of maintaining our client's freedom and preventing a felony conviction that can follow a person for years.In 1999, Bradley was convicted of aggravated rape and sentenced to six years in prison.In 2007, he plead guilty to being in violation of the sex offender registry.

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