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Planned Parenthood is long gone, and both Midland and Odessa are now more than four hours away from the nearest abortion clinic.

Plus, there’s a 24-hour waiting period for an abortion in Texas, so women have to take multiple days off work or school to get one.

Midland, meanwhile, lacks a single Title X clinic, which would provide birth control to teens without notifying their parents.

Teen pregnancy, meanwhile, is often economically calamitous.

That’s a tall order anywhere, but perhaps even more so in West Texas, where there isn’t much for a young person to get up to beyond church and vice.

Midland and Odessa are canonically Texan: remote moonscapes studded with oil jacks and tied together with a 20-mile stretch of highway. Every year, our class made a pilgrimage to the town’s main cultural attraction, the Petroleum Museum.

There’s no right answer, which is precisely the problem. No wonks have assembled over brown-bag lunches to select a unified virginity-losing age.“The next morning,” she says, “he's gone.”Misty works at an organization called the Life Center, which is headquartered in the neighboring town of Midland.They call themselves a pregnancy resource center, preferring that to the term many pro-choice advocates use: crisis pregnancy center.But nearly two decades since the Life Center made its first debut in public schools here, the sexually-transmitted disease, teen-birth, and high-school dropout rates are still higher in Midland County and Odessa’s Ector County than in the rest of the state.I wanted to know where the young people in my onetime home received, if not actual reproductive health care, at least information about it.

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