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Prosecutor Michael Auty said: ‘This was a well-structured and highly organised enterprise, yielding a very substantial profit.’ He told the court that Bamford had previously worked on the railway lines and knew which cables could be taken and their value.

Martin Harriman (left) was given an eight month suspended sentence.

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Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers who is currently the ambassador to Ireland, and Charles Rivkin, the former executive of Jim Henson Co.

With her English upbringing, expensive taste and cozy relationships with Democrats, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a candidate for U. ambassador to England, bears striking similarities to former U. Ambassador to France, Pamela Harriman After a charmed childhood in the southwest of England, Harriman studied in Germany and Paris, before working at the Foreign Office in London as a translator.

And after meeting Broadway producer Leland Hayward in 1959, she moved to New York, and they married in 1960.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lee Bamford after he failed to turn up at court Most of the copper they took was earthing cable, designed to protect workers repairing the line.

It was then taken back to Derbyshire where it would be stripped before being taken to scrap metal dealers in Ilkeston, Alfreton and Langley Mill.

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