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Click on the glowing platform.3) Talk with Luna and accept her offer with "OMFGYESPLS"..prepare to fight.4) At the start of the battle, Luna employs a shield around her, which will force her to attack when she's attacking.

Hence, the battle requires you to keep up your shield more than anything else.

If anyone could help me here, I would very appreciate that :) Hudomi said: After giving Twilight the Book, finish the game and click on "Twilights experiment" in the more bullshit mode to get some extra fun with the mane 6 : DTo get Derpy, just talk 3 times to the mailbox and click "Yes". Turn her, and continue bucking bits until you have about 50 bits.2) Talk to Trixie and get Wings.3) Go to the train station and buy a ticket for 50 bits.4) Go talk with Twilight and you should notice Spike outside.5) Go out and fly up the tree to meet Spike, who asks you for a train ticket. He tells you to return that night.6) Pass the time to night, maybe fuck AJ or something.7) Go back to Spike in the treetop.8) You got Twilight Sparkle! Note: The other two options involve you relaxing in a tub (20 bits) and getting an oiled back massage from Lotus Blossom (50 bits).1) Go to Fluttershy's Cottage and click on the stream to drink the water.2) Go into Everfree Forest and find Zecora's Cabin (look for the forest screen covered in blueish goop, if you see the middle tree slightly to the left of center, then head to the right and you'll find the cabin).3) Go inside and "Zecora" will be frozen.4) Click on the cabinet to find and free Zecora.5) You got Zecora! Scene 1 - 1) Talk to Trixie and get a Horn.2) As a prerequisite, get both A spells from Twilight's house.

I need: The scene after Spike left How to survive Chrysalis Raritys scene How to trigger Luna (I got her randomly, but lost then...)How to make Celestia not notice you after sneaking past all guards. 1) During the night hours, go to Fluttershy's cottage and click on the window.2) After the scene, look carefully up at the top and spot the birdhouse. Also, get Shield Breaker B from eating the Muffin you buy from Mrs.

After giving Twilight the Book, finish the game and click on "Twilights experiment" in the more bullshit mode to get some extra fun with the mane 6 : DTo get Derpy, just talk 3 times to the mailbox and click "Yes". It isn't that hard with an autoclicker : PJust keep your shield up and click the appearing attacks. But don't with the autoclicker or you are dead faster than you can say "oops."! Only scene with her I found was in Bonus Content you get from giving Twilight the book Trixie stole. You need to bang five in a row, and then head to the pad in the castle on the last night, it should be glowing. After the brief scene, click on the ceiling to get Fluttershy's scene. It's a simple little difference in the ending, but it's something. Pattern is: left, right (x3), left (x4), right, left, and right (x2). Note: You can say no and she'll keep the offer open.8)Ya got Applejack!

So to get Spike, help him with Twilight then he's in the Box outside Rarity's, talk to him and make the deal to fuck Rarity. Have fun For Zero Bullshit Mode, make sure that you get Shield Breaker A from Twilight's home (it's by the pages on her right). Talk to Twilight at this point and you'll have unlocked "Twilight's Experiment" which is actually the Zero Bullshit Mode that you can access from the bonus scenes. Because of how many nights it takes to get this scene, you'll need to proceed with this from Day 1. First pinkiethepony went on a "cleanse ponydom of porn" crusade, pokehidden and a bunch of other artists who are popular and do mlp smut got targeted by her. Collect around 40-50 bits and leave, don't go for her yet. Go forward to the library and choose the top arrow to talk to Spike and agree to help him.Wait until you no longer see them and then move on.7) Next guard you'll have only a split second to react: hit the DOWN arrow to hide.Once the guard has looked away again, then hit the up arrow to come out of hiding, then when it's clear hit the up arrow to move.8) A different scene appears to happen, but then it transitions to Scene 1's outcome.9) You got Princess Celestia! Warning: She is the hardest pony to get.1) To access her, you need to be in possession of Wings, Magic Attack A & B as well as Shield Breaker A & B.Scene 11) Talk to Trixie and get wings.2) Head to the castle and go inside.3) Get caught by the guards by being too hasty.4) Princess Celestia and the Royal Guards got you!Scene 2Note: There's very little changed from scene 1, I leave it in just in case there's some secret involved with accessing a different scene.1) As a prerequisite, 2) Talk to Trixie and get wings.3) Head to the castle and go inside.4) Don't get caught by the guards!

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