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At the start of the month, Mr Cook told the Wall Street Journal Apple will 'aggressively encourage users to take stricter security measures', and the firm will also alert users if someone tries to access their files.

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The end numbers you are calling through Burner are not shown.

If someone calls your Burner and you don't answer, the call goes to your Burner voicemail.

If you do answer, you'll hear “press 1 to accept this call." Pressing 1 puts the call through to you.

Huge amount of ties technologically possible, but average number is limited, e.g., Facebook: 395 (Tong et al.

2008), Linked In: 149 (Utz 2016), XING: 121 (Buettner 2016c), Twitter: 150-250 (Gonçalves et al.

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