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Ali Ahmeti, President of the only ethnic Albanian party represented in the government alluded several times that among Albanian population the view is that all problems making obstacle to Euro-Atlantic integration of FYROM should be solved and that he cannot guarantee that radical Albanian militants won’t start, regardless of his will and DUI, self-organization should situation continues into a stalemate.

These vectors of idea dissemination well add to subculture of skepticism towards change augmented in particular with urban mythology of Europe’s unjust decision and behavior towards the “Macedonian issue” from mid-19The SDSM proclaims this policy of partial ambiguity, combined with common statements by senior VMRO-DPMNE politicians with regards of “lines which the government shall not cross in negotiations with Greece (preservation of the constitutional name and pretension of exclusive “Macedonian” nominal and substantial ethnic name and language)” as covert will to avoid the implication of hard-line EU criteria on corruption, which allegedly do not suit interest of VMRO-DPMNE protected elite of oligarchs, most of them having amassed wealth & privileges in the loosely by police, financial control and judiciary controlled property, finance and other sectors (the colloquial term used by some opposition figures for the VMRO-DPMNE top-level echelon, in this context, is “The Family”[“Familijata”]).) some gross “Serbian conspiracy” which represent “the true command-factor in FYROM” and which orchestrated those events, targeting persons “just because they were Bulgarians”.Thus, although often the organized Bulgarian activities from all walks of life, some of them politicians, some of them historians etc.Finally, this policy is most key-points disregarding 1995 Interim Accord, further subverting any chance of mutually satisfactory political solution in harmony with facts of history and international law.This section of the report requires a definition of “Bulgarian and Serbian Communities” and the most affirmative, yet suited in context of further fortification of Pseudomacedonism is: the organized activity of influential people of Serbian and Bulgarian ethnicity, residents of FYROM, which is reflected in inter-community, on national cross-political and cross-cultural plan, in public media and international context, with estimation of impact, if any of it is beyond threshold of shift within the FYROMian society.

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