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: He's a friend of George's — whom his mother is always comparing him to — who eventually suffers a nervous breakdown (and comes back in later seasons played by a different actor).

Photo: NBC Joel Rifkin Actor: Anthony Cistaro First Appearance: S5, "The Masseuse" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

: Orchestra conductor who needs to be called the Maestro.

They run off to Tuscany, where they are met by Kramer and Jerry.

: He shares a name with a notorious serial killer and the two can't agree on what he should change his name to.

Photo: NBC Tony Actor: Dan Cortese First Appearance: S5, "The Stall" What’s The Deal With This Guy? George causes him to fall during rock climbing and he is scarred for life. Photo: NBC Phil Totola Actor: Mark Tymchyshysn First Appearance: S5, "The Stand-In" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

The two are officially broken up when the show starts, but sleep together a few times in early seasons.: They hit it off after being set up by Jerry, but then Phil pulls "it" out too soon.Photo: NBC Aaron Actor: Judge Reinhold First Appearance: S5, "The Raincoats" What’s The Deal With This Guy? He causes problems with the gang's parents due to his social anxiety.You learn something else when you look at all of Elaine’s romantic interests: Elaine Benes had game. The guys didn’t slut-shame her and it was never inferred that she was a failure for being a single, childless woman.It’s not just that the President of NBC joined Greenpeace to impress her. She might have been a failure because she actually failed at stuff, but her existence wasn’t defined by her marital status.

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