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Why is the cow sacred in Neolithic Sudan, Nabta Playa and then become sacred in India. She is our mother in the sense of the Giver of vivavideo for pc Perception.

The woman who gave birth to Buddha Shakyamuni is called Mahakali.

Third – In the site are burials of Cattle in sacred burials – with the hypothesis that this was the origin of the Hathor Cult.

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with twelve aruras on the eastern and western shores, with the plants, with the harbours (?In addition to this – Scientific Evidence has recently shown that that South Africa and their Click Language is the Origin of Language.This New Discovery will also aid in the solving of the problem when we get more information.) with the river and with every settlement on these aruras.All the peasants working their fields with their labourers and bringing water to their new and high-lying lands, their harvest shall be stored in your granary in excess of the part that used to be your due. That he might join with me.” He stood: “I shall go to Mansion-of-the-Net, It is designed to support a man in his deeds; I shall enter the House of Life, Unroll the Souls of Re, I shall be guided by them.” He departed, he returned to me quickly, He let me know the flow of Hapy, His shores and all the things they contain.

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